Tuesday, 29 December 2009

MAC Feline Eye Kohl

MAC Feline Eye Kohl:

This is a monumental moment in my makeup history! I have been hearing raves about the MAC Eye Kohl in the color Feline on YouTube for what feels like forever, but it is a limited edition product and only comes out very rarely, but as luck would have it, it was re-promoted this month and I went on an eyeliner mission. I first checked the SoHo Bloomingdales MAC counter, but walked away empty handed. They were already sold out. Then I went to the Bloomingdales near my home and the sales woman took me to the very back of the very bottom drawer at the counter and produced two pencils. She whispered that they were the last two she had. "I'll take both!!!" came out of my mouth much louder than I had planned, but I walked away with the two liners and have used them every day since then.

It truly lives up to all the hype. I normally use MAC's Eye Kohl in Smolder which is the black pencil liner in their permanent collection, but I have left Smolder in the dust for Feline. It is as jet black as a liner can possibly be and stays just where I put it all day long until I take it off with remover at night. It's still a kohl pencil so it smudges well, but it makes a precise line from the start.

I think I may just have to stake out a few more MAC locations to see if I can stock up on the liner now that I know how truly difficult it can be to find when it comes out. This time, I'll try to use my inside voice.

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