Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Birthday Gift from Sephora

It's that time of year again (for me) where Sephora doles out a birthday gift to their beauty insiders around their birthdays. It happens to be a few weeks away from mine (June 2nd) so when I went in recently they stowed upon me their "Smokey Eye Kit." I honestly can not tell you what this kit had to do with smokey eyes. Enclosed was a white shimmery eyeshadow that I am guessing is their version of a highlight. Next came a tiny eyeliner in a color that can only be described as teal. Not a bad color, don't get me wrong, but what does it have to do with a smokey eye? Finally there was a mini mascara that was fine, but not noteworthy.

All I can say is...I'm glad it was free, happy future birthday to me!

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