Sunday, 9 May 2010

Stores I LOVE


Stores I LOVE:

Sephora (obviously!): I could spend hours in here. It's almost like I want everything so much that I usually walk out with nothing because I honestly can't choose between all of the pots, pencils, creams, powders and other wonderful concoctions!

Anthropologie: Cute dresses, cute accessories, and super cute home goods. What's not to love?

Bloomingdales: They have the absolute best selection of jeans plus great makeup counters. A combination of two of my obsessions! I could get lost in here all day. Added bonus? Forty Carrots! They have great food and amazing frozen yogurt! I like getting shredded coconut and fruit on the side. YUM!

Wink: Rather small, but filled with lots of treasures! I got ballet flats there that look just like ballet slippers that I get compliments on every single time I wear them. I also found my black leather bangle with the gold clasp here. Classic!

Madewell: The place to go for super skinny stove pipe jeans and hipster-esq tees. Also a great place for extra light scarves that work well for spring and summer.

A store that I am not a fan of...the MAC stores. I don't like how the stores are set up. All of the products are hidden away in drawers and cabinets so you have to get a sales person to help you every single time you need to pick up a new item. I am a pretty independent shopper and don't like that sort of forced sales person contact.

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