Sunday, 2 May 2010

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

My sister, my mom, and me!

Mothers Day Gift Ideas:

As Mothers Day rapidly approaches I thought I'd share some gift ideas. Let me start by saying that my mom is a preschool teacher and teachers get more bath and body products than anyone on the planet. I guess they are the go-to gift for women teachers because they are easy to find and generally loved by all. This does, however, make for a tricky Mothers Day for my sister and I because we can never go the bath salt/body lotion/scented candle route.

I am a big believer in personalizing gifts, so it does depend a lot on the mother in question, but here are some things that I am brainstorming for my amazing mom:

MoroccanOil hair products: I think that got my frizzy hair gene from my mom so I may just have to introduce her to the hair care line that changed my locks forever.

CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stains: My mom has no time to re-apply lip colors when she's running after kiddies all day and these stains stay in place like no others! They come in tons of colors and I'm sure that their marker-like applicators would be very cool at the preschool (although we wouldn't want to give the kids any ideas!)

Narciso Rodriguez for Her: Honey flower plus tactile wood plus amber equals a musky floral fragrance that goes from day to night! My mom loves this scent and she may be due for a re-fill soon.

My beauty unrelated pick? BANANAGRAMS! My mom loves Scrabble and this is sort of like Scrabble meets dominoes. The banana-shaped pouch comes with letter tiles. Each person gets 21 tiles. You have to use all your letters to make words, but they all have to be connected to each other (like Scrabble without the board) and the first person to use all their tiles wins. You can put back a tile, but then have to take three more in its place. All the tiles are face-down which means its a surprise which letters you end up with; so (as my mom says in her preschool class) you get what you get and you don't get upset! I think she would love it and its something that we could do together.

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