Sunday, 6 June 2010




I officially want to cut off both of my legs. I realize how drastic that sounds, but have you ever had 36...i repeat 36...big bites just on your legs alone? These bites range in size from rather small to golf ball sized lumps. I went away this weekend for a graduation party that was outside at a lake. 24 hours of outside fun later (including sleeping outside) I ended up looking like a creature from the black lagoon. There is no way to cover this up so it is officially impossible for me to wear anything other than pants to work this week so that no one mistakenly thinks that I have the bubonic plague, or adult chicken pox, or some type of lethal skin disease. Nothing helps the itching either. Cortisone cream? Nope. Some spray that my former boy scout father recommended? Nope. My next plan of action is just to take a large quantity of Benadryl and hopefully sleep.

Wish me luck...

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