Wednesday, 16 June 2010



Pat McGrath is taking her skills to yet another venture. She's already the Global Creative Design Director for CoverGirl and every product that she touches in that brand turns directly to gold. Hello, LashBlast! So I'm pretty excited about her collaboration with LeSportsac. Typically if you said LeSportsac I would say 8th grade, neon green/pink, and nylon, but McGrath's designs are classic and chic. The Pat retails for 28 dollars and is small and black with a yellow zipper. Good for storing a little amount of makeup, maybe for a short trip. The Page retails for 62 dollars and is a much larger version of The Pat. It is the same black bag/yellow zipper style and looks like it could carry quite a bit of makeup/tools.

I want one. Who am I kidding? I want both.

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