Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sunless Tanning Update


Sunless Tanner Update:

I went to Bloomingdales this weekend with the intention of finally buying that Clarins Sunless Tanner that I have been coveting to start of my sunless tanning summer, but when I got to the counter I realized that the face tanner, while being non-comedogenic, was not oil-free! I am extremely careful about what I put on my face and oil is just not one of those things, especially in the muggy/hot/sticky summer months in NYC. The sales lady did not like the fact that I was not intending to purchase her oil-filled tanner and tried to persuade me to buy it anyway, stating that she uses it herself and never breaks out!

There were two things wrong with that statement. 1) The sales lady had visible acne and 2) The sales lady was as pale as a ghost. Even if the tanner did not cause her acne, she was either lying about using it because she was so pale or she really did use it and it does not work at all. In either case, she was probably the worst sales person for me. I am way too skeptical to take what is told to me at a beauty counter at face value.

Now that Clarins is out for the face I am thinking that I will ease myself into the self tanning process with a cheap-o line of tanners that are also the most widely recommended drugstore pick by beauty editors...the Jergens line. I have to try them out for a few days to be able to report back on my findings so keep an eye out for that post in the near future.

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