Saturday, 3 April 2010

5 Things About ME!

Bonus things about me from this picture: I love tea, especially Earl Grey. This is my favorite mug. I tried to crop out my friend making a silly face in the background. This was taken in October on the day I was feeling a little "under the weather"...the next day I had full-blown swine flu. Ever had a fever verging on 105 degrees? Hot!

5 Thing About ME!

1) I love grocery shopping. I love just being IN a Whole Foods. I love it almost as much as being in a Sephora if you can imagine! I go to school with a WF, Super Stop and Shop, Big Y and Target within a 5 mile radius so it's a grocery shopper's heaven! I am not the best chef in the world, but I have been experimenting all year and I am getting much better. I am an avid baker and my friends can all attest to the fabulousness of my triple chocolate hazelnut brownies. The other day I made mini blueberry pies in muffin tins and homemade peanut butter cups. I have a serious sweet tooth and cannot go a night without dessert. Preferably something chocolaty!

2) I have a cat named Clea. She technically lives at home with my mom and dad, but whenever I am home we're two peas in a pod. She snuggles with me in my bed at night and follows me all over the house during the day. We got her when I was 8 so she's just about 14 now! Oldie but goodie! She's a little fat, but I prefer to think of her as big boned. My mom is her enabler feeding her anything and everything off of her own plate as well as what the vet referred to as "the McDonalds of cat food" aka Fancy Feast.

3) I studied abroad my junior spring semester of college in Thessaloniki, Greece. I met amazing friends there and went with one of my best friends from school. We traveled to Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Rome, Prague, and (within Greece) Athens, Meteora, Santorini, and Mykonos. Best part of the experience? Definitely seeing so many different places, meeting new people, and trying seriously amazing food. Hello Italian gelato and Greek Spanikopita! I still have a Greek food aversion, however, from eating all Greek all the time for so long! Worst part? Have you ever been on an overnight train to Turkey? DON'T TRY IT!

4) I have an "angry face" as my friends have so kindly named it. When I am tired or just really concentrating on something I sometimes make a face that people have described to me as very angry-looking. People have actually said to me "Hey, what's wrong? You okay?" on more occasions than I would like to admit. Once, in a meeting for a volunteer program I did, the co-director stopped the meeting and in front of everyone asked what was wrong with me. I was so embarrassed! I am never aware that I am making the face so it is hard to avoid making it, but I try very hard not to let it sneak out!

5) I am organized and clean to a fault. It is all my genes. My mom is the most neurotic person about cleanliness and punctuality and I have inherited those traits 100%. My dad is seriously organized and, just like me, an intense list maker. I make to-do lists, grocery lists, homework lists, project lists, and POSTIES! I go through about a pad of Posties per month. Longer lists get note paper, but regular lists get Posties. I can't stand dirt and I have been pushed to my limit living with 5 other girls this year some of whom aren't very neat. When the dirty dishes pile up I do them. I never leave a single dish in the sink myself. I also tend to do other people's chores on our chore chart when they aren't being done or if the house just still seems messy. Cleaning and organizing are therapeutic to me. It may sound crazy but when I am stressed about something I unwind by picking up my Clorox and Swiffer. The container store is one of my favorite places on earth.

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