Saturday, 10 April 2010



This post refers to two past posts. In one I mention that I was feeling a sore throat, stuffy nose and congestion coming on...update: I have a sinus infection and had to go to University Health Services to get antibiotics. In another, I mentioned that I straighten my hair often because I get much more positive feedback from guys about my hair when it is straight than when I wear it in its naturally curly state.

To set the scene: I had to show my student id to the male receptionist at UHS to verify my identity before being seen by a doctor. In my student id picture (from freshman orientation!!!) my hair is very curly because we had to take our pictures after taking a 2.5 hour campus walking tour in 90 degree heat. Not cool! I've never really given the picture much thought. Anyway, the receptionist looks at the id, looks back up at me with my perfectly blown-out hair, back to the id, and then says: "YA, definitely look better with the straight hair! I would go with that."

I think I just stood there looking horrified until it occurred to me to walk away. I was absolutely shocked! Not only was that seriously rude of him, but it also just reinforces the insecurities I have about my curly hair. Ugh. Needless to say, ever since then I have been taking the extra 20 minutes to blow dry and straighten my hair post-shower. I now wish I had said something really witty back to him, but at the time I was too shocked/hurt to respond. Luckily my friends helped me out in the witty comment department when I got back to my house and told everyone what happened. They were just as appalled as I was! My bf also sweetly reassured me that the guy was a total loser and that I look great with curly or straight strands. I'm still unconvinced, but still very glad that he said that!

Have you ever gotten rude comments about your appearance? What do you do to shake it off?

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