Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Mustache Surprise (No, not on me!)

Check out this site for a little mustache appreciation...I had to be bipartisan, right?

A Mustache Surprise (No, not on me!):

So my bf had been growing out his facial hair for about a month and I kept ragging on him to shave. He looks cute with a little bit of scruff but the potential for a full on beard was getting way too high. He kept saying he would and the other day he told me he was coming over with a surprise. I assumed that he finally shaved and was super relieved!

In walks....

A mustache! As a joke he had shaved off all of his facial hair except above his lip so that he was left with a very legitimate mustache. I was, at first, horrified. Who was this 1980's porn actor/pedophile/serial killer entering my room?? Then I laughed for about 15 minutes. Then I desperately wanted him to shave it. Right then and there. He convinced me that he should keep it until Saturday because he wanted his co-workers to get a look at it during his Friday night shift, but that was a huge stretch.

I don't mean to rag on the stache, but I think there is a time and a place for a mustache. The face of a 22 year old college student is definitely not that. After much debate (he grew attached to the stache that we affectionately named pistachio) he finally shaved it!

What do you think of a stache? Can anyone other than Tom Selleck pull it off?

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