Saturday, 3 April 2010

Morning After Makeup

Morning After Makeup:

With only about a month to go of my college career my roomies and I are trying to make the most of our (sort of) care-free weekends by going out with friends at night, but the next day we all look like zombies! Ugh. You know the feeling. Dry skin, puffy and dark under eye circles, generally tired-looking faces. Not a pretty picture. To combat the morning blahs I found Lisa Eldgridge, a british makeup artist with an awesome YouTube channel and a great tutorial called "Morning After Makeup" where she goes through steps towards making your face look incredibly fresh and glowy. She actually does the video the morning after she has been out so it's a real before and after. She does a great job! Check out the video (it's in two parts so make sure to watch both) and let me know what you think of her transformation!

Part One

Part Two

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