Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Another Traveling Weekend

Me and my friend from school plus our BC friends en route to Meteora, Greece wearing the sweatshirts we got in Prague. Woo abroad friends!

Another Traveling Weekend:

I went on another little mini trip this past weekend. This time to Boston! My friend and I went to see our good friends from our trip abroad that go to BC and we watched the Boston Marathon together! For some reason, in Massachusetts only, there is a holiday on the Monday of the Boston Marathon called Patriots Day and it is a state-wide day that no one has school and everyone patriots? Very New England of them. The New England Patriots, anyone?

On one trip I messed up the makeup packing, on the most recent I fudged the hair care combo, and so I was nervous about keeping it all together this time, but I was successful! No more mess-ups! I was totally prepared for the night and day.

I guess third time's a charm, right?

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