Sunday, 25 April 2010

Loreal Ever Strong Sulfate-Free Hydrating Conditioner

Loreal Ever Strong Sulfate-Free Hydrating Conditioner:

Harsh sulfates can damage and dry out hair so a sulfate-free hair care system by a well-known brand seems like a recipe for success. I have to say that I have been using this conditioner for about two weeks now and I really do think that my hair is softer and less frizzy, however, that is not why I love this product.

I love this product FOR THE SCENT!!! It smells like mint and men. Let me explain. The first scent that really hits you is a strong minty smell that isn't too common in hair products, but really makes me feel awake and refreshed in the shower. The next level of scent is something along the lines of hot guys wearing Old Spice while chopping cedar for a fire. It is a musky, woody smell that is seriously sensuous and although it seems like an unlikely combination for a girly hair-care product, it works! The best part is that the scent actually stays with the hair past the shower door! I hate when I use a product and it smells great in the shower, but my hair smells like absolutely nothing post rinse. This product makes my hair smell fantastic long after I leave the shower and dry my strands.

I can't wait to get the shampoo and try the deep conditioner and overnight treatment! I can tell that I have a long future ahead with this hair care line.

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