Monday, 26 July 2010

The, not that kind!

So I had been thinking about dying my hair (as you've read) and I just was generally bored with it, but the ultimate thought that kept coming back to me was, "I wish I could just wash it and GO!" With this new work schedule that I am getting used to I am tired all the time from waking up early to dry my hair and forget actually going to the gym in the morning because I would never have time to go from a wet head to a dry head before work. Then I heard from a co-worker about the Brazilian Blowout. No harsh chemicals, it takes hardly any time at all, and lasts about 12 weeks. It is basically just a deep conditioning system that leaves your hair totally soft and frizz-free. I was sold. Everyone needs a good deep conditioning now and then, right? The appointment was booked the next day. I went to the salon that was recommended by my office friend. She knew someone who had it done there and I was able to see pictures of her hair before and after. I was amazed at how soft and smooth her hair was!

To really seal the deal for me, I read Nicole Ricci's blog post about how she had gotten it done and LOVED IT. Many other celebs had tried it too and I love their hair. I had to do it.

I got to the salon right on time and was taken to have my hair washed THREE times. They need to make sure that your scalp is totally squeaky clean. Then my stylist meticulously brushed on the conditioning gel through all of my strands, tiny 1/16 of an inch at a time. Then she blow dried my hair as one normally would and finally she flat ironed it to really seal in the product. Finally I was sent home with directions not to wear a ponytail or wash my hair for 24 hours.

I was so nervous to actually wash my hair the next day. The treatment was super expensive (I worked so crazy hard all through college, I deserved to buy myself a grad present, no?) What if the treatment did nothing? I would have wasted all that money!

I shook off my fears and washed my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner (to make the treatment last longer). I chose Loreal's sulfate free line because I had already been using it for a long time and I love the scent.

Then it was time to wait.

As my hair slowly dried I was totally shocked. Not only was my hair smooth, but it was straight. Like stick straight. My stylist said that might happen with my hair because, while I do have a LOT of it, the texture is very soft and fine. I could not believe that my hair dried perfectly straight right out of the shower. It was soft, smooth, and frizz-free. I'm still waiting for the catch...Ooooh right, the price.

I will keep you all posted on the results over time. This will cut out hours of time throughout the week and I can actually sleep in!

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