Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Two Faced Caribbean in a Compact Bronzing Powder in Sun Bunny

See previous posts for terrible picture explanation.

I think I'm a fan of this. I generally stick to my Laura Geller bronzer for everyday because it's so light that it looks very natural on me, but for when I really want to pump up the intensity of my faux tan I think this would be a great product to have. I own the Bare Essentials "warmth" shade and it's just too dark for me. It makes me look dirty and I don't love the idea of a loose powder bronzer. So my bronzer as of now consists of a very light Laura Geller, a much too dark BE, and a wayyyyy too sparkly Cargo bronzer that I use only if I will be out in a very dark bar/club. I think this product definitely has a place in that collection. Matte, dark, but not dirty or overpowering. Period.

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