Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Sephora Delux Brush Set

Sorry for the crappy photo! Once I am in my NYC apartment I won't have to commute home and it will actually be light out when I leave the house/come back home so my pictures will get much better...promise!

Can you believe that this was just 39 dollars?! It comes with a blush brush, foundation brush, and a double sided eyeshadow brush/eyeshadow smudge brush, double sided eyebrow/eyeliner brush, and double sided lip brush. The bristles were so incredibly soft, but are cruelty-free (not real animal hair). I can tell that the brush handles are nice quality wood and they are even labeled so that you know exactly what to use each brush for if you weren't sure.

This was such a deal and I can tell that these will last me a really long time if I care for them properly. Check out my blog on brush care for details!

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