Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bvlgari Refreshing Towel

This sample is sort of funny. It was a little moist towelette that was scented. It smelled clean and fresh (I really liked it!) but it also served me another odd purpose. I accidentally used too much hair product and my strands were feeling greasy, clumpy, and generally really gross. I was super frustrated and didn't have time to re-wash it before work. As I was wiping this towelette on the inside of my wrists and on my neck I got inspired. I started wiping down my hair with it- just grabbing chunks of hair with the towel and pulling downwards all over my head. At first it felt a little damp and I was semi-horrified that I had gone to what felt like an extreme, but then my hair quickly dried and TADA! it was no longer greasy/gross. It felt soft, clean, and completely fresh. Gone was that heavy, weighed-down feeling and in its place were my normal locks. Who knew? A moment of frustration actually turned out great! These might actually be worth buying after all. Not only could they help me in a pinch, but I could see myself throwing some of these in my work bag to freshen up between work and happy hour or between a weekend outdoor activity and a dinner. Multi-purpose, smells great, light and clean. Period. After another (I need to stop) Sephora.com purchase (details to come!) I added this as one of my samples again just to make sure that I really liked the scent.

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