Tuesday, 23 March 2010

MAC Lipstick in Laugh a Lot

MAC Lipstick in Laugh a Lot:

I have a confession to make. I actually stole this from my mom! We were at the MAC store the other day when I happened to be home for an appointment in NYC and I wanted to pick up a few things. My mom snagged this lipstick and in the tube it looked just like what she wears. Mauve/pink/ muted and boring. However, she put it on at home and it looked much more pink than the colors that she usually wears. I completely forgot to pack ANY lip colors when I came home that weekend and I needed something to wear to my city appointment so I rumaged through my mom's lip products and picked this up. I figured I may as well try it.

Turns out that I fell in love! The color is a deep pink, but when you apply, blot, apply, etc. for a little while it turns into a truly impressive shade of pink. Check out the difference from the swatch to the tube. They look like two completely different products. Yet another reason why first appearances can be deceiving (in makeup products at least). I may or may not have tucked it into my purse and forgotten to give it back. I wish I had found this shade a few months back because it feels like a cool weather product to me, but I can wear it out at night anytime.

It is a MAC lustre lipstick which I am a huge fan of and it is really moisturizing. I never would have picked it out myself so I have to give my mom props for her selection! It is limited addition so get your hands on one while you still can!

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