Tuesday, 23 March 2010

MAC Lipstick Wish List

Colour me Coral (Left) and Victorian (Right)

MAC Lipstick Wish List:

In light of my last post I thought I would also mention a MAC lipstick or two that I have been dying to get my hands on. I am loving the color Victorian and I hear that it is the perfect blend of pink and coral. I have seen it on a few people and it really is a fabulous color for spring. It looks so bright and punchy! It is part of the Spring Forecast Collection. Speaking of this collection...I am also craving Colour me Coral which looks much more pink than Victorian, but I am still a fan.

I'll keep you posted as to whether I can justify buying one more makeup product. My parents keep asking me what I want as a college graduation gift (just 1.5 months away...yikes!) and all I ever really want is makeup, but I should say something practical like future rent money. Well, luckily my birthday is just two weeks after my graduation so maybe I can have the best of both worlds? We shall see...

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