Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Weekend Away

Cheesesteak from Pat's. Wit out, Wiz, Ketchup. Aka without onions with their famous cheese wiz plus ketchup. WOW.

Weekend Away:

This weekend I went to Philadelphia for a night and day with my boyfriend because he had to attend a networking conference and we had just spent 10 days apart for spring break so we figured we would make a little trip of it. Packing for guys typically involves just the necessities, but packing for girls is just so much more complicated! I always stress about what products to bring and what makeup I may need. I don't want to have another emergency like last weekend where I forgot lip colors (although that turned out really well because I ended up with Laugh a Lot!) so I tried to be more careful this time around.

For face makeup I made sure to take one spot concealer (just in case!), one under eye concealer, one pressed powder, one bronzer, one blush, and my NARS Orgasm Illuminator because I can't live without it recently.

For eyes I packed one shadow palette with lid colors, a crease color, and a highlight, a mascara, and an eyeliner.

Tools-wise I brought my travel set from EcoTools that includes a kabuki brush, blush brush, and two shadow brushes- one lid and one blending brush- and I make them both do double duty to suit my eyeshadow needs.

I always keep my Nanette Lepore roller ball perfume in my purse so I had that as my scent.

Finally (I didn't forget!) for lips I brought my Laugh a Lot lipstick and my Rosebud salve.

It seems like a lot, but I was so nervous about forgetting things on my last weekend trip that I overcompensated this time around.

I am currently writing this blog post from my aunt's apartment. So awesome that I got to visit family on this trip too! I have never experienced a night out in Philly so I am excited for the evening. The bf and I will do dinner and a little city exploring. I'll let you know how the makeup turned out. We left at 3 am and arrived just after 8 am this morning (saving on a hotel room) so we didn't sleep last night. I am almost horrified to think how awful my under eye circles will be today! Hopefully I can get a nap in at the hotel post lunch with the aunt and pre city adventures and dinner with the bf. After a night spent in a car I think I may just need a shower more than a nap. Yikes! I'm crossing my fingers that my packing was better this time around. I already know I forgot my toothbrush so I'll have to stop by a CVS or something along those lines to pick one up. I hope that isn't a sign of forgotten things to come!

Tell me, what do you pack for a weekend trip?

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