Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My Beauty Bag Essentials

My Beauty Bag Essentials: The Beauty Booty that Never Leaves my Bag

Let my start by saying that these are simply the beauty essentials that I keep in my purse at all times. I also have other things cluttering up my bags i.e. Advil, gum, eye drops, extra contacts, etc. It was hard to narrow down, but these are my absolute have-to-have purse I would not walk out of the door without them.

In terms of hair items I keep it basic. I have extra hair ties, bobby pins, and a little travel brush (the weird orange thing in the bottom right hand corner).

For my face I always keep oil absorbing sheets on hand for blotting purposes. I think this CVS brand of sheets works exactly like the Clean and Clear brand, but it's less expensive. I also have hand sanitizer because college is dirty and I've already had the Swine Flu. Gross! I also carry a little mirror around. This one I got at a bazaar in Istanbul. It's intricately decorated on the outside and has one regular and one magnifying mirror inside. Haggling with Turkish market men isn't really my thing, but I got a pretty good deal on this. Just a few lira!
I also have Rosebud Salve which is just a clear pot of gloss with the most amazing rose scent and just a hint of glossy shimmer. It moisturizes my lips like no other product out there and it's small enough to fit in a clutch!

For what I suppose you could call "body" needs I keep bandaids in there for tricky high heel situations where my feet need a helping hand as well as one or two Clinique solid perfumes. I like these because they come in a chubby pencil form so I can just doodle it on my wrists instead of getting my fingers all messy in a solid perfume pot. The sticks come with their own extra large pencil sharpener and I love the fruity scents. The set of three came with Clinique's classic Happy scent as well as this Wealth of Flowers scent and a Citrus scent. They are all nice and refreshing for a quick scent touch-up.

I definitely add different items to my bag in addition to these essentials depending on where I am going, what I am doing, how long I will be out, etc. For example, if I am going to an event at night I may bring along the lip color that I have chosen for that evening or if I know I'll be on campus in class all day I will bring a mattifying powder compact for quick face touch-ups during the day. Water bottles, mini tissue packets, and some random jewelry also seem to make it into the bag more often then not.

What are your purse essentials?

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