Monday, 22 February 2010

Tarte Natural Lip Stain Pencil in Amused

Tarte Natural Lip Stain Pencil in Amused:

I realize that I am months behind in buying this stain, but in my defense it was out of stock at three Sephoras that I visited AND online! So I finally got my hands on one and let me start by saying that I LOOOOVE the color. Yes, it requires capital letters and all of those o's to describe my love for this hot pink hue. It is bold, fun, sexy, and youthful. I feel dressed up when I have it on even when I'm wearing sweats and the color really does last for hours. It is seriously natural, leaving out parabens, petro-chemicals, phthalates, sulfates, preservatives, glycols, gluten, and GMO's. It also has LipSurgence technology which supposedly gives a "6,000 increase in lips' moisture content" or so says the packaging. Here is where we hit a snag. I have never in my life put a more drying product on my lips. How is this possible? 6,000 times the moisture! That's a lot of moisture! Well, I suppose not all products react with everyone in the same way. I am seriously bummed about the way it sucks out any moisture my lips seemed to have retained in this dry winter air. The color, however, is absolutely worth it. I will just wear a clear gloss on top and reapply as my lips get dry!

Now I just need to find this in every color...

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