Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Battle of the Hair Serums

Battle of the Hair Serums:

My hair. I think the saying about grass being greener really applies here. I have thick, wavy/curly hair and have always, since birth, wanted stick straight hair. Luckily, my hair is not too picky about its own texture and can be straightened into submission in no time flat.

In my experience, guys think curly hair is cute and straight hair is sexy. So many guy friends have told me that my hair looks "alright" when it's curly, but they prefer the straightened look. Once, sitting in class with my blown out hair, I had a guy sitting next to me actually go on about how he hated curly hair and thought it looked so ugly, not realizing that I had naturally curly hair. I just sat there horrified, expecting the ceiling to open up and dump a bucket of water on me to reveal the natural state of my hair. Regardless, I am always on an eternal search for new hair products to coax my hair into being non-frizzy curls or sleek and straight.

I was forever a Kerastase user. It is expensive, but it works. Period. I like the Curl Definition Cream for keeping my curls glossy without being weighed down and I like the Anti-Frizz Serum for keeping my straight hair frizz-free with a healthy shine. Then one day I ran out of my serum before I could order more (I can rarely find it in stores and mostly order it online) and needed a frizz-free blow out for an event that evening. I ran out to a beauty supply store and asked if they carried Kerastase. I needed a serum! The woman said she didn't carry that brand, but could do me one better. Better? She pulled out a bottle of MoroccanOil. I quickly compared the two first ingredients on this bottle to my old favorite. The same. Check. Except the MorroccanOil contained argan oil which I knew works wonders on hair (and skin), plus this serum smelled amazing. It's like you actually flew to Morocco and went to an exotic spice market. It's one of my favorite scents I have encountered in a hair product. I love that I get compliments on how my hair smells and how soft it feels.

Sorry Kerastase. I may just be a convert.

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