Sunday, 17 January 2010

Trish McEvoy Lip Glosses

Trish McEvoy Lip Glosses in Sexy and Pretty:

So you may have noticed a theme to the last few posts. I am getting into my lip product collection a bit. Lip colors are my absolute addiction and I only keep the ones that I truly love. I am not a hoarder then it comes to makeup. I love to throw things out, have a clean slate, start fresh...whatever you want to call it. I do this with clothes, books, bags, just about everything I own is in danger of being tossed. This may sound wasteful, but everything I get rid of is donated and it really just pares down my accumulation of stuff to just the things that I really love, use, wear, etc. I can't even watch the show Hoarders. Clutter and disorganization are such pet peeves of mine. Throw clothes on the ground? Why do that when they don't belong there? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Alright, back to these glosses! I love the formula because they are super pigmented, but not too sticky. I do find the names to be a bit odd. The light pink that gives you just a teeny bit of a pinky sheen is called Sexy and the va-va-voom red with gold reflects is called Pretty. Does anyone else find this odd? In my opinion, the light pink is pretty and the red is seriously sexy. Anyway, they are both gorgeous in their own right and have managed to survive multiple lip product clean-outs, earning their places in my collection.

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