Friday, 15 January 2010


So I just finished a post about how I only go for boring neutral shadows and I need to break out of my comfort zone a bit more, which got me thinking about this quad...

So this year (my final year of college) I live in a house off campus with 5 of my friends and we decided to do a roommate secret santa before we left for our winter break. I had my roommate Jenn and I made her a collage of magazine cut outs (I buy every fashion magazine the second it hits the stand so you would be surprised at the things I come up with to the lower the growing stacks) and each cut out reminded me, in some way, of her. She is vegan and the absolute best chef I know. You haven't lived until you have tried her tofu pot pie!

My secret santa happened to be my roommate Laurel and Laurel is not only an amazing friend, but a great listener. We were watching ELLE Video Star videos one night (we love watching these makeup tutorials while we get ready to go out at night) and I mentioned that I really should get some more vibrant/sparkly/crazy eye shadow shades because I always wear boring neutrals. It was the briefest mention, said almost to myself, but months later as we're sitting around our living room exchanging secret santa gifts Laurel presents me with this quad of the most glittery eye shadows that I will ever own in my life. Hey Laurel! Check out the bottom left hand corner! Yeah, I used that one on New Years Eve.

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