Sunday, 24 January 2010

My Top Three Perfumes of all Time

My Top Three Perfumes of all Time: Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs, Miss Dior Cherie Eau De Parfum by Dior, and Nanette Lepore by Nanette Lepore:

You guys know that I love Lavanila's Vanilla Coconut perfume, but these are the three that I always have to restock, listed below in the order in which I adore them.

Marc Jacobs is my all time, hands down, number one favorite. I can wear it day and night all day every day. If I was stranded on an island this would be my perfume pick for sure. It is a blend of gardenia, wild muguet, musk, cedar, and ginger. If you ask me what wild muguet is I will have to admit I have no idea, but it smells great! This is a fresh yet sexy scent that I can't live without!

Miss Dior Cherie Eau De Parfum is my European love affair. While studying abroad for a semester I took 14 airplanes in four months all around Europe and at each airport I always had to wander the duty free section to smell all of the perfumes. This was the one scent that I kept coming back to and by the time I took my 14th flight (back to America) I knew I had to buy it and I have been hooked ever since. It has notes of green tangerine, pink jasmine, patchouli, crystalline musk, strawberry leaves, and more. This is perfume with a punch. When I wear it, people smell it, and I like that.

Nanette Lepore perfume (I have the roller ball version because I keep it in my purse) is the ultimate girls girl scent. It is so fruity and flowery I feel like it should spew rainbows and kittens out of the roller ball...but in a good way. It has notes of
moonstone rose, white peach, magenta nectar, black currant, orange jasmine, Persian lime juice, violet, amber, Indian sandalwood and more. This mini version is ultra-convenient to tote around- just don't ask your guy friend to hold it for you while you hunt for a stick of gum in your purse because he may just drop it...and it may just shatter...all over the floor of Grand Central Terminal. Sometimes I roll some of this on the edge of my pillowcase before I go to bed so that I can smell it while I fall asleep. Mmm!

These are my absolute favorite scents...what are yours?

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