Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My Chanel Lip Palette and Shout out to Cara

My Chanel Lip Palette and Shout out to Cara:

Do you ever covet a product that you know you'll never buy? I try to be realistic about my makeup purchases and some things I just can't justify buying for myself. Maybe it's the senior year of college mentality: Lip gloss or an apartment next year? I don't exactly know. But I had been going on and on about this palette for quite some time and my roommate Cara had listen sympathetically. I just couldn't quite get myself to the Chanel counter for it. So you could imagine my surprise/shock/awe/excitement when I opened up my birthday present this year to find this palette, an adorable wine glass, and a Snickers bar. She knows me too well.

Thanks, Houle!

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